My top five reasons for leaving Jehovah’s Witnesses

27. January 2017 Jehovah Witness 0

My top five reasons for leaving Jehovah’s Witnesses

My top 5 reasons I left the cult and business that is Jehovah’s Witnesses. Anyone that’s been in knows what I mean. Please look up Charles Taze Russell’s tomb! Look up the videos on the Royal Commission hearing!

What’s going on everybody? Welcome back to the top five universe where I talk about the top five reasons that I think something is true. Today’s video is talking about the top five reasons that i left the Jehovah’s Witness organization – and now that segues into my first reason. The fact that JW’s is an organization not a religion. This acts like a business model. This is not a religion. This is something that they are looking to control the people within, not so much teach and guide. Now you can find this in a lot of different areas where instead of expanding their growth and allowing for free thinking and allowing for personal growth it is all designed to make money and further their long term goal of expansion. You can see this from the expansion efforts that they’ve been doing in New York. On top of that, the fact that they have repeatedly closed factories down reassigned people and you can see that on a day-to-day basis.

I just look at their Jehovah’s Witnesses organization now. Look to the child molestation. Now they have come out belatedly in the past and said that child molestation is the biggest evil that this is a horrible thing that cannot let this happen.. Go on YouTube right now after you watch this video, go on youtube right now and watch the Royal Commission video on a Jehovah’s Witness. You will quickly find out that they know about it. They knew about it and they did not do a thing. So if you look at their teachings in the past, you will find that they had something called a two witness rule. It’s applied across the board to all wrongdoing. If you were accused of something and they didn’t have two people witnessing that something, then that something would be pushed to the wayside because they didn’t have enough proof to validate that.

Now say you are a young child and you get molested. You bring it to your family and the elders and the elders say do you have another witness? Well yeah the person that molested me, so you go to the elders with this person and the person says, “No I didn’t do it.”

You know what nothing happens? They were not required to call the authorities and nothing was followed up on now say that something did happen: they disfellowship the person a few years later and that person gets reinstated. You are expected, as a Jehovah’s Witness, to get over it and get along with that person in the congregation. How the fuck does that make sense?

Through their conditional love, now they preach that they’re a loving couple of religion and everyone in the congregation love everyone equally except if you do something wrong. If you do something wrong you are shunned you are pushed outside the religion. In this disfellowshipping they state that this is a loving act, but is it loving really?

Now this is a personal experience that I’ve had when I was a job as a witness. I had some questions about doctrine and about the Bible and about the way that the governing body was ruling things. I brought this to my father and my father is a wonderful man, i have nothing bad to say about him, he directed me to go to the elders in the congregation – he was an elder, but he couldn’t answer unbiased because I was his son. So I went to the elders of the congregation and I said look I have these questions about this doctrine.. Know what their response was? “Maybe you should pray a little bit more and this sounds like apostate talk.”

Does that encourage personal growth and trust in an organization? Not so much.

Number five teachings from years ago. Now if you look at the history of the teachings it has been continuously refined and changed and sometimes completely changed to what they taught in the past. Jehovah’s Witnesses used to celebrate Christmas, now its pagan holiday. You can’t smoke cigarettes – can’t do that anymore. Jehovah’s Witnesses used to be able to have beards can’t do that anymore.

If you look at the founding father of the Jehovah’s Witness organization the organization Charles Taze Russell, he based a lot of his teachings on Seventh Day Adventist teachings, Masonic teachings and he has is buried under a pyramid.

On his tombstone, CTR has the symbol of the Knights Templar he based his 1914 teaching based on measurements that he got from the pyramids of Giza. These teachings have not changed, they have just twisted the wording so now you think that they get it from the Bible. Is this an organization you want to be a part of?

My top five reasons for leaving Jehovah’s Witnesses:

  1. This is an organization not a religion – more so cult than anything else.
  2. Child molestation and other wrongdoings are slipped under the rug if you don’t have two witnesses. In serious cases of child molestation they might not even call the authorities.
  3. Conditional love. It’s only pointed towards people that they approve
  4. The treatment of people when they ask questions. Those questions will be asked only if it supports the Jehovah’s Witness doctrine and dogma.
  5. The teachings from years ago are just covered up and disregarded, because they don’t want to address the change in doctrine. They refuse to admit the truth which is – they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

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