Jehovah Witness Graveside Memorial of Brother Charles Taze Russell

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This is Charles Taze Russel’s tombstone and memorial. It seems like this 7 foot tall pyramid was put here by the Watchtower. One of the things that I found interesting that I didn’t know was that each side had a “Holy Bible” with names on them. Like they were the Book of Life.

Another thing that struck me was that it said “Dead with Christ” and “Risen with Christ”.

I’m here in Pittsburgh Rosemont United Cemetery at the grave site of Pastor Russell who is the person who started the Jehovah Witnesses and by the looks of this gravestone he’s also a messenger and I want to share his message with you.

This is Charles Taze Russell’s great pyramid of Giza tomb site. Charles T Russell believed in pyramidology – he was a stone witness. He got many of his prophecy dates from how many stairs were at the pyramids of Giza, so the Watchtower Bible Society and Tract Society decided to make a pyramid memorial for him.

Risen with Christ

This pyramid has four sides of course. Each side has a cross and crown. The cross and crown is a Masonic emblem and the funny thing is that when I pan over here just a bit, you can see that’s a masonic temple for The Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center at 3579 Masonic Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15237 United States.

Let’s take a tour around Charles Taze Russell’s pyramid and we can see this side says ‘Dead with Christ’ and also to be noted on each side there is a book and on each book it says ‘Holy Bible.’

There’s some names on here like this one says Chester Russell, but I’m not sure – it’s rubbing away.

Now on this side we see the cross and crown and Watchtower Bible Society crossing the society together we got the Holy Bible again and with some names on it and this one is Grace Nandi something.

In addition to the names, one side decidedly says ‘Risen with Christ.’

Final side says IBSA which i think is International Bible Students Association and here is the Bible again at Russell’s grave memorial facing the Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center.

I hope my Watchtower friends see this video and recognize that the beginnings of the Watchtower was corrupt it and it still is corrupt.

I know a lot of the Jehovah Witnesses don’t know their past and they should. I hope this helps you and God bless.

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